Arizona Devlog Update

We delayed the Arizona devlog for a little while since we decided to rework the setting. The setting at this point has been reworked and a lot more development has gone on since then. We're back on schedule to start the devlog soon and still on target for early 2015.

Arizona is an open world roguelike set in the mid 1990's. The game takes place in an alternate universe in which the coldwar didn't end and the USSR managed to grab a piece of the southwestern United States. You're an agent of the US who has been snuck into a military community in Arizona tasked with undermining operations from the inside.

Arizona features:

-Fast paced top down shooter with a unique snap-lock aim system

-A modern day town to explore

-Roguelike permadeath with persistent profile improvements. Similar to the progression mechanics of Rogue Legacy, although the upgrade are less necessary and the game can be beaten in a single run

-Living breathing city. Traffic, pedestrians, and people at home are all simulated constantly to provide a living sandbox

-A variety of weapons and upgrades. Pistols, Rifles, silencers, flashbangs, smoke grenades and more

-Lighting system. Street lights, house lights that can be switched on and off, traffic headlights, and a player flashlight which is blocked by walls and creates shadows on objects

-Working cell phone. You can call an NPC's house to get them to answer the phone providing an opportunity or play a classic 90's phone game.

-Collect and play original 8-bit style video games in the world.

-High interactability. Every object that you can expect to interact with you can. Run a sink, flush a toilet, turn on a record player.