Magnetta Major Update 1.1

Our first major content update to Magnetta is here! This update brings the new Boss Rush mode, new Boss Practice mode, 5 new challenge maps, and Easy Mode, in addition to some fixes and improvements. 

New Boss Rush Mode 

Boss Rush mode lets you take on all 11 bosses in Magnetta in a variety of different ways. Choose your order, go in cannon only or all weapons unlocked, choose between having only a single life or infinite, then blast your way through one boss after another until you've taken them all down.

New Boss Practice Mode 

Choose from any of the 11 bosses and fight them whenever you want to polish up your skills for a tough fight in the campaign or just replay your favorite boss fight.

New Easy Mode 

Select Easy mode when starting a new campaign to play the game in a more casual way. When getting a game over Easy Mode let's you continue from the last checkpoint instead of restarting the level.

5 New Challenge Maps 

Here's a preview of some of the new challenge map's you'll find in 1.1: 

Challenge 6 - Slime your way to the exit! 


Use your slime weapon to freeze enemies in place making them able to be used as a platform for a short time. Hop from enemy to enemy sliming them as you go to reach the exit. 



Challenge 8 - Use enemy fire to reach the exit! 

Use the shooter enemy's bullet waves to trigger the switches and toggle the holographic platforms. Time your jumps and count the shots to make sure you land on a platform while it's on.