Rogue Hero Progress Report

Here's what we've been working on since our last update:

Mausoleum Dungeon: New combat focused dungeon that has you fighting from floor to floor, see if you can reach the bottom.

New Enemies: Corbeau, Nostroc, Lost Travellers, Grazers, Rock Golems, Mud Lurkers and more have been added.

Upgrade System Design Refresh: We've redone the visual design of the upgrading system for all the components of your hero. Behind the scenes things work mostly the same but we've made the node system more visual so you can see how your progressing at whats available at a glance.

New Areas: We've been expanding the overworld adding new areas and improving and filling out the existing ones.


Helpful Beacons: We've added a beacon system that helps you find hidden things in the overworld, feed the beacon in each area the power spheres you've found and more secrets will be revealed for that area.

Side Activities: We've added fishing and farming to the town, work on growing useful vegetables to craft into potion materials or trade. Catch large fish and get featured in the Dock House Aquarium and even fish up a key ingredient to a new class.