Dungeon 2 In Progress

The second dungeon is now open and we're working to add many more rooms, enemies, traps, and features to build it out. We've got the first dozen rooms in already with many more to come. Expect some missing stuff and bugs there for a bit as we're just getting this stuff built up. This is the last primary feature before we start early access. We still need to polish and balance a bit and start working on media for the next step but we're getting close to being where we want to be feature wise for release.


There's a new feature we're trying out with this build, Co-op Ghosts. We felt it would be more interesting when playing with friends to have some things to do while you're waiting to be revived. Now on getting killed players will turn into ghosts that can hover around and haunt objects. Right now you can haunt pickupable objects and toss them around or into the hands of one of your living co-op partners, you can also haunt arrow shooter traps and trigger them to launch some arrows. There's more to this system we'll potentially add in the future, like a more counter-operative mode where you can haunt and control enemies, but we'll likely make that a stretch goal and do that after Kickstarter.


v0.370 Patch Notes:


  • Dungeon 2 Now Open. We've added the first set of rooms to the second dungeon and the entrance is now opened.

  • Co-op Ghosts. We're trying out a new potential feature where co-op players who have died can move around as ghosts and haunt objects

  • New Enemies and Traps. Added Mycellon enemy and FloorMouth trap for the second dungeon

Map Additions/Changes:

  • Added 13 room maps for Dungeon 2

  • Updated 32 overworld maps mostly for the swamp area

  • Updated nearly all Dungeon 1 maps for new cloth wall system including many changes and improvements to existing rooms

  • Added new room for Dungeon 1: 2x1 G

  • Added new room for Dungeon 1: 1x1 W


  • Mycellon, new enemy type. Stationary enemy that fires a series of bullets in all directions. Also releases confusion spores with a follow up charging attack with a large projectile

Green Slime:

  • Added hit particles to green Slimes being impacted by thrown objects

  • Added SlimeHit sound effect for throwing an object into a green Slime


  • Added sound effect to Cyphalops mask getting knocked off

  • Made boomerang not stun Cyphalops with mask on

  • Made Cyphalops not take damage from arrows, spells, grappling hook

  • Made using the BashGloves on the Cyphalops knock its mask off

  • Made Cyphalops return to its previous velocity but slower after leaving stunned state

  • Made Cyphalops draw a short tail while stunned

  • Fixed Cyphalops coming out of stun not drawing tail correctly

Map Objects:

  • Added dungeon 2 variant of floor switches

  • Added map banner trigger object. Allows for small overworld regions to be marked for the region name banner display

  • Added FloorMouth trap object


  • Made tree shadows move along with tree tops

  • Added dungeon 2 cloth shred particle effect

  • Updated cloth wall cutting with new animations and added dungeon 2 variant

  • Added shadow for Pot objects

Small Changes:

  • Increased time until hint appears for cloth doors. 15 seconds to 30 seconds

  • Made conveyor belts pushing player into jumpable edge force the player over it

  • Made dead players able to pause

  • Made able to back out of class selection back to save/load screen

  • Added sound effect loop for conveyor belts

  • Refactored village lots handler to add new VillageLotTypes instead of relying on building type defining lots which created issues with multi building lots

  • Changed the way cloth walls are placed to work better in more situations and slightly show what's beyond them

  • Made audio loops pause on opening subscreen menus (status, bestiary, inventory, map, quests)

  • Made map object audio loops pause on opening pause menu

  • Made various sound loops (grappling, boomerang) pause and resume on pausing/unpausing game

  • Made using scroll wheel to scroll saves move the highlighted slot to keep it in view

  • Adjusted a few colors for hair and cloak. Made blonde and red hair a bit more yellow and red. Made first tunic option more red and less coral

Bug Fixes:

  • Redid NPC lots and house mapping to fix issues and improve organization

  • Fixed using warp statue not changing to the music for the area

  • Fixed B1 and B2 (Bullet pass through floor 1 and floor 2) collision types to fix issues in dungeon 1x1r

  • Fixed Griff's house not appearing if the player builds the house and quits without autosaving being triggered

  • Fixed quitting the game during gem roll in loop or grappling loop causing it to get stuck on

  • Fixed NPC quest marker (!) showing over UI windows

  • Fixed door sound effect playing at start of building cutscene

  • Fixed chests that are marked as already opened for power spheres spawning closed and unusable instead of already open

  • Fixed pickup feed value on grabbing power spheres, was showing one more than what was actually held

  • Fixed active pushing regions not being updated at the correct time, causing objects not to be moved by wind tunnels and conveyor belts

  • Fixed being able to use stairs from their backside in certain orientations

  • Fixed leaving NPC Houses not bringing player back to correct village location

  • Fixed sidequest build griffs shop not saving as completed when quitting out right after building it

  • Fixed layer 2 of dungeon 2 entrance to draw over the player as they enter. Split dungeon 2 entrance doorway barrier to draw layered correctly against the player

  • Fixed Dungeon 2 barrier effect being slightly off position

  • Fixed being able to use objects with collision between the player and object

  • Fixed Dungeon 2 cutting bushes or picking them up showing non swamp versions of bushes/leaves

  • Fixed bottle count getting out of range, causing crashes when trying to select or fill a bottle

  • Fixed enemy swamp towers not functioning correctly on floor layer 2

  • Fixed disparity between fade out of tiles on second floor layer and objects on the second floor layer