Gran Vitreous Greenlight Progress Report 2

We're just about finished with the polishing phase for Gran Vitreous. By the end of this week we'll move onto Steam integration to add all the Steam features you'd expect. Here's a sample of some of the things we've added leading up to release.

  • New endless mode. Compete on the leaderboards to get the highest score in an endless zone. Dangers such as Asteroids, Gravity Wells, Space Garbage and more enter the zone randomly to challenge your survival. Gear is assigned randomly and a new set of gear is refreshed on your ship every 60 seconds so you have to adjust your play style to keep going.
  • New snake enemy. We've added a new enemy the Snake which moves around the zone in circular patterns testing your ability to maneuver around them.
  • New lighting additions. We've taken advantage of the new lighting system mentioned in the previous update and given the larger enemies new lighting features.
  • Rebalanced bosses. Bosses have been given another pass to make sure the challenge is up to the expectations of an area finale. Weaker versions of previous area bosses will now also come up randomly in later areas.
  • Redone store. The store has been redone to include items effective for your ships current level and also random rarer one time purchase items that swap out with time. Engineering an item to change its stats has also been given a slot machine style animation.

Gran Vitreous Greenlight Progress Report 1

Since getting Greenlit we've been working hard getting the game polished up and ready for Steam. We've revamped the lighting system to give the game a better look, gave the UI and sounds another pass fixing anything that felt out of place or wasn't quite good enough, and added a couple of small gameplay tweaks to make the game more fun and add a little more depth.

Here's an overview of a few of the things we've changed/added in the past few weeks.

  • New lighting system. Additive blending gives the particles of the game a glowing feeling and makes objects light and color whats around them
  • New particle features. Particles now react to the ships movement. Create wakes through particle fields when passing through them
  • Charge shot. Absorb the particles of dead enemies and fire out 2 levels of larger more powerful shots based on the amount absorbed
  • UI elements and fonts replaced to match the games style better
  • Added new animated 3d asteroids for the asteroid field zones
  • New burst effect and sound on shield loss, a new look for the cutscenes, faint star field for distant stars to improve the background, new end of zone summary, better death effects for large boss type enemies, new station mega-laser attachement, and a bunch of other things too many to list here.

We're waiting until we've added every feature we think will improve the game and polished everything as much as we can. We're working hard to get the game up and available on Steam as soon as possible but we're taking the time to make sure we deliver the best possible game.

Arizona Devlog Update

We delayed the Arizona devlog for a little while since we decided to rework the setting. The setting at this point has been reworked and a lot more development has gone on since then. We're back on schedule to start the devlog soon and still on target for early 2015.

Arizona is an open world roguelike set in the mid 1990's. The game takes place in an alternate universe in which the coldwar didn't end and the USSR managed to grab a piece of the southwestern United States. You're an agent of the US who has been snuck into a military community in Arizona tasked with undermining operations from the inside.

Arizona features:

-Fast paced top down shooter with a unique snap-lock aim system

-A modern day town to explore

-Roguelike permadeath with persistent profile improvements. Similar to the progression mechanics of Rogue Legacy, although the upgrade are less necessary and the game can be beaten in a single run

-Living breathing city. Traffic, pedestrians, and people at home are all simulated constantly to provide a living sandbox

-A variety of weapons and upgrades. Pistols, Rifles, silencers, flashbangs, smoke grenades and more

-Lighting system. Street lights, house lights that can be switched on and off, traffic headlights, and a player flashlight which is blocked by walls and creates shadows on objects

-Working cell phone. You can call an NPC's house to get them to answer the phone providing an opportunity or play a classic 90's phone game.

-Collect and play original 8-bit style video games in the world.

-High interactability. Every object that you can expect to interact with you can. Run a sink, flush a toilet, turn on a record player.


Arizona Devlog coming soon

We'll be starting the devlog soon for our new game Arizona, scheduled for Early 2015. The devlog will give a few looks a week at the progress of the game and what we're working on. Arizona is an open world rogue-like in a close to modern setting.

Gran Vitreous Update 1.03

Update 1.03 is here. Below is a list of changes/improvements you'll find in the latest version:

-Added a death sequence to large enemy types (Motherships, Stations, and Bosses)
-Updated the look of the Angle Attacker enemies
-Added better particle reaction and pulsing visuals for laser type weapons
-Added a stretch effect to the players ship when using the boost utility
-Added a trail to Edge Rider enemies when they're attacking across the zone
-Made powerups scale up and down for better noticeability
-Added animation details and engine particle trails to the enemy motherships
-Added the ability to delete saves from the Save/Load screen

Night Sky Bundle

Gran Vitreous is being featured in the Night Sky Bundle from LazyGuysStudios. For the next two weeks get Gran Vitreous and 14 other games for as low as $2.99 in this amazing limited time deal:

Update 1.02

Hey everyone here's an update of what we're working on for Gran Vitreous and what you can expect in patch 1.02:

  • Enhanced particles and visuals for projectiles
  • New warp animation and effects to get a better impact when warping
  • Enemies now visually react to being hit by scaling and color shifting for a second
  • Small Screen shakes on being hit and killed to give a sense of impact
  • More constant autosaving with a backup system to prevent progress loss
  • Added color shifting effects to the photon and phaser projectile
  • Area screen has been given an oscillating cursor to help visiblity
  • Swarm enemies are now animated to give you a better sense of when they do damage
  • Altered movement mechanics of enemies to break up the pack better
  • Increased item/credit pickup and pull radius
  • Vectorized death animations for the larger enemies
  • For balance the autoturret secondary weapon has been reduced in strength

Gran Vitreous Now Available for Purchase

We're proud to announce that our first finished game Gran Vitreous launched today. You can purchase the game from Desura here:

We should also be on indie game stand very shortly and I'll update this post with a link as soon as it is.

If you like the game remember to vote for us on Greenlight:

Gran Vitreous available for preorder on Desura.

Gran Vitreous officially launches on April 3rd on multiple services. You can currently preorder on Desura if you wish. We initially planned on the game being out a few weeks ago but it took a little longer to get everything squared away with publishers than we anticipated. We took the additional time to do further playtesting making sure the game runs perfectly on release. We've also done more work on the difficulty scaling in the game to give a more fair experience when your equipment is well tuned for your level. Also we've improved some of the sound effects and added the flying numbers effect to healing actions instead of just damage. 

We hope you enjoy the game when you finally have a chance to play it.


Here's the preorder link:

Update: Improvements and Changes

We've made a few balance changes to make the game both faster and more fair. 

-The speed of the player and enemies ship and the players acceleration has been increased slightly while the acceleration of the enemies has remained the same. This should give the game a faster feel while also giving the player a slight maneuverability edge over the enemy. 

-The wrangler enemy which draws in your player with a beam has been modified heavily. No longer is it an instant death when passing by a large enough pack. The packs beam strength builds diminishingly up to a maximum. A large formation is still a threat and will drag you into the pack if encountered but a few tricks are now in place to allow a good pilot to maneuver away. 

-Zone attribute details now pop in one by one after the countdown. This is to give the player a quick rundown of the zones attributes (Enemy Health %, Item Find, Unlimited Secondary, etc..) without taking their eyes off of the ship or having to pause. 

-Improved the credit and item drop noticeably. We've added rings colored by item rarity and credit stack count to the in game pickups. This will make them easier to pick out amidst the enemies and effects while also allowing you to hone in on better quality drops. 

We've also made some optimizations to the game. 

-We found a small stutter occurred on lower end machines when a very large amount of effects were on the screen at once. We found an inefficiency in one of the major particle effect routines and have fixed it so the game should run at a consistent 60 FPS at all times regardless of the specifications of your machine. 

-Another small inefficiency was found in the glow effect and should increase speeds in effect heavy situations by 5%.

New weapons and features

We've added 6 new weapon types to Gran Vitreous that you can expect to see at release. Here's a sample of what we've added: 

Cascade Grenade - New super weapon. Fire a single grenade that breaks into 5 grenades that go flying that breaks into 4 more and 4 more again. A chain reaction of far reaching damage. 

Deployable Autoturret - New secondary weapon. Allows you to drop up to 5 autoturrets at once. Autoturrets fire chaingun bursts at any enemy in range. 

Autotargeting Missiles - New secondary weapon. Homing missiles that autotarget enemies in range. Hold down the secondary fire button to increase the size of the targeting circle and let go to unleash a flurry of rockets.


Also we're adding a feature that will change the look of your ship at certain level milestones to reflect its additional strength and your progress through the game.