Conquer Enemies, Puzzles, and Traps for Gems

Destroy monsters in the dungeon to earn gems and monster parts. Bring them back to the village and trade them with the villagers to upgrade your hero and village. Survive the dungeons traps and puzzles long enough to gather what you need to improve.

Endless Dungeons

Dungeons are generated each time you enter mixing up the paths, traps, and enemies. No two runs are the same.


Choose your Class

Pick from a random set of hero classes at the start of each run all with their own unique upgrade trees, class abilities stats, and movement styles.


Upgrade Everything

Use the treasures you find in the dungeons to upgrade everything. Upgrade the village adding new buildings, services, and stores. Upgrade your house, build it bigger or add features such as a farm. Upgrade every part of your character, every tool, class, and weapon has its own unique upgrade tree to max out.