The two of us have been working together to make games for many years, starting on small projects on Xbox Live Indie Games back on the 360 and eventually releasing two games over the past 3 years on Steam. Rogue Heroes is our biggest project by far and the lessons we’ve learned over the years helped us build something that matched our ambition.

Joshua Gump – Programmer and Sound Designer. Rogue Heroes was born out of his game experiment to make procedural infinite versions of his favorite 16-bit era classics. Once the infinite dungeon was complete the idea to make it into a full game started and the scope and features expanded from there.

Brandon Weatherbee – Art and Level Design. Honing his abilities in pixel art over the last few years Brandon creates vivid and varied landscapes, monsters, people and more all by hand making each frame of an exhaustive amount of sprites needed. He lays out each room and every section of the games overworld to create a massive world full of life.


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