Update 1.02

Hey everyone here's an update of what we're working on for Gran Vitreous and what you can expect in patch 1.02:

  • Enhanced particles and visuals for projectiles
  • New warp animation and effects to get a better impact when warping
  • Enemies now visually react to being hit by scaling and color shifting for a second
  • Small Screen shakes on being hit and killed to give a sense of impact
  • More constant autosaving with a backup system to prevent progress loss
  • Added color shifting effects to the photon and phaser projectile
  • Area screen has been given an oscillating cursor to help visiblity
  • Swarm enemies are now animated to give you a better sense of when they do damage
  • Altered movement mechanics of enemies to break up the pack better
  • Increased item/credit pickup and pull radius
  • Vectorized death animations for the larger enemies
  • For balance the autoturret secondary weapon has been reduced in strength