Gran Vitreous First Content Update

The first content update for Gran Vitreous releases tomorrow (06/11). The update will add 6 New Weapons, a new post campaign Heroic Mode, and Legendary Items.


6 New Weapons:

2 New Main weapons: 
-Tesla Chain: A chain of electric energy. On hitting an enemy nearby enemies are hit with chain lightning damage. 
-Magnetron Beam: Wide beam of energy that shakes apart enemies in close range. 

2 New Secondary weapons: 
-Decoy Ship: Launch a holographic clone of your ship to distract enemies and damage those that get close enough. 
-Missile Platform: Deploy a short lived, fast firing homing missile launcher. 

2 New Super weapons. 
-Black Hole Bomb: Pulls in surrounding enemies then detonates creating a large explosion 
-Bouncing Barrage: Launches a wave of bouncing bombs 360 degrees around the ship causing explosions across the whole zone. 

New Heroic Mode:

Heroic mode allows you to keep playing and advancing beyond the games final boss. Heroic mode has 4 tiers to progress through as you find better gear. Legendary items only drop in this mode which are necessary to keep progressing. All areas are set to the same level range based on the Heroic tier setting but later areas have higher legendary drop rates to reward players who fight through the tougher zone types. 

New Legendary Item Rarity:

Legendary items are rarer more powerful items available in Heroic Mode. Legendary items can't be altered in the engineering station which will make it necessary to actually find better items in order to progress through the Heroic tiers.