Rogue Hero Progress Report

Square Enix Collective is finished and we're very happy with the response. It was great to get feedback and talk through the features of the game. Some great ideas came out of it and we're excited to start adding some of them.

We're working towards the launch of our Kickstarter campaign which should land around mid May.

In the meantime here's what we've been working on the past few weeks.

Dungeon Dialog

We've implemented the dungeon master feature that adds some variability and fun to each dungeon run. The dungeons will watch what the players are doing and remark on what they've noticed as well as antagonize the players with traps and challenges. If thing aren't going to well the dungeon might even help you out occasionally. We added a Dungeon Tracker class that watches various stats and actions that the players have done in the current run to use for the decision making on what to comment on and what actions to take.


The dialog itself comes with a new text/dialog effect and an otherwordly voice over effect to match the text.




We've finished adding potions in, carry up to 4 bottles and mix monster parts to brew up helpful elixers. Equip the potion toss it towards the ground and gain the bonuses of that potion. Look for recipes or mix random monster parts to unlock all the potion types.


Dungeon Merchants

In the dungeons you'll now occasionally come across a skeleton merchant waiting for your patronage. Talk to him and buy goods that will help you on your current run. Health potions, ammo, maps are just a few of the things you'll find available from the in dungeon shops.