New weapons and features

We've added 6 new weapon types to Gran Vitreous that you can expect to see at release. Here's a sample of what we've added: 

Cascade Grenade - New super weapon. Fire a single grenade that breaks into 5 grenades that go flying that breaks into 4 more and 4 more again. A chain reaction of far reaching damage. 

Deployable Autoturret - New secondary weapon. Allows you to drop up to 5 autoturrets at once. Autoturrets fire chaingun bursts at any enemy in range. 

Autotargeting Missiles - New secondary weapon. Homing missiles that autotarget enemies in range. Hold down the secondary fire button to increase the size of the targeting circle and let go to unleash a flurry of rockets.


Also we're adding a feature that will change the look of your ship at certain level milestones to reflect its additional strength and your progress through the game.