Update: Improvements and Changes

We've made a few balance changes to make the game both faster and more fair. 

-The speed of the player and enemies ship and the players acceleration has been increased slightly while the acceleration of the enemies has remained the same. This should give the game a faster feel while also giving the player a slight maneuverability edge over the enemy. 

-The wrangler enemy which draws in your player with a beam has been modified heavily. No longer is it an instant death when passing by a large enough pack. The packs beam strength builds diminishingly up to a maximum. A large formation is still a threat and will drag you into the pack if encountered but a few tricks are now in place to allow a good pilot to maneuver away. 

-Zone attribute details now pop in one by one after the countdown. This is to give the player a quick rundown of the zones attributes (Enemy Health %, Item Find, Unlimited Secondary, etc..) without taking their eyes off of the ship or having to pause. 

-Improved the credit and item drop noticeably. We've added rings colored by item rarity and credit stack count to the in game pickups. This will make them easier to pick out amidst the enemies and effects while also allowing you to hone in on better quality drops. 

We've also made some optimizations to the game. 

-We found a small stutter occurred on lower end machines when a very large amount of effects were on the screen at once. We found an inefficiency in one of the major particle effect routines and have fixed it so the game should run at a consistent 60 FPS at all times regardless of the specifications of your machine. 

-Another small inefficiency was found in the glow effect and should increase speeds in effect heavy situations by 5%.