Gran Vitreous Greenlight Progress Report 1

Since getting Greenlit we've been working hard getting the game polished up and ready for Steam. We've revamped the lighting system to give the game a better look, gave the UI and sounds another pass fixing anything that felt out of place or wasn't quite good enough, and added a couple of small gameplay tweaks to make the game more fun and add a little more depth.

Here's an overview of a few of the things we've changed/added in the past few weeks.

  • New lighting system. Additive blending gives the particles of the game a glowing feeling and makes objects light and color whats around them
  • New particle features. Particles now react to the ships movement. Create wakes through particle fields when passing through them
  • Charge shot. Absorb the particles of dead enemies and fire out 2 levels of larger more powerful shots based on the amount absorbed
  • UI elements and fonts replaced to match the games style better
  • Added new animated 3d asteroids for the asteroid field zones
  • New burst effect and sound on shield loss, a new look for the cutscenes, faint star field for distant stars to improve the background, new end of zone summary, better death effects for large boss type enemies, new station mega-laser attachement, and a bunch of other things too many to list here.

We're waiting until we've added every feature we think will improve the game and polished everything as much as we can. We're working hard to get the game up and available on Steam as soon as possible but we're taking the time to make sure we deliver the best possible game.