Gran Vitreous Greenlight Progress Report 2

We're just about finished with the polishing phase for Gran Vitreous. By the end of this week we'll move onto Steam integration to add all the Steam features you'd expect. Here's a sample of some of the things we've added leading up to release.

  • New endless mode. Compete on the leaderboards to get the highest score in an endless zone. Dangers such as Asteroids, Gravity Wells, Space Garbage and more enter the zone randomly to challenge your survival. Gear is assigned randomly and a new set of gear is refreshed on your ship every 60 seconds so you have to adjust your play style to keep going.
  • New snake enemy. We've added a new enemy the Snake which moves around the zone in circular patterns testing your ability to maneuver around them.
  • New lighting additions. We've taken advantage of the new lighting system mentioned in the previous update and given the larger enemies new lighting features.
  • Rebalanced bosses. Bosses have been given another pass to make sure the challenge is up to the expectations of an area finale. Weaker versions of previous area bosses will now also come up randomly in later areas.
  • Redone store. The store has been redone to include items effective for your ships current level and also random rarer one time purchase items that swap out with time. Engineering an item to change its stats has also been given a slot machine style animation.